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  • Training and workshop Open or Close

    • We provide high quality training, conference, workshop and seminars which meet the needs of
    • learners.
    • We offer training courses aimed at developing the skills of PARTICIPANTS. 
    • We also offer value-added services that allow organizations to derive better return on their training investment.  
    • We build human capacity through relationship with excellent facilitators drawn from academia and profession. So when you are seeking development and consolidation of the skills base of your staff, you can call us.
    • We have varieties of training packages for the least to the top management staff of an organization.
    • We adopt practical approach and ensure that our training must impart and yield result.
  • Academic/ Career counselling Open or Close

    Academic Counseling is provided to students who are experiencing difficulties in their studies and choosing career. Meeting with a counselor can assist students to identify their areas of challenge and develop strategies to improve their academic performance. Counselors can provide information and support regarding examinations and academic prerequisites, learning and study skills.

    It is important to be guided on choosing course to study, choosing career in life, determining who you want to become and getting the processes and the pre-requisite that involve step-by-step approach. Moral and self-discipline is not left out of the above.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    For counselling, Please book a session. Send mail to: batmodlibraryhub@yahoo.com or BHL@batmodlibraryhub.com

  • Lodging ( Academic Purpose) Open or Close


    In addition to a quaint and comfortable atmosphere, BATMOD LIBRARY HUB has Lodging rooms which offer an outstanding selection of modern provisions.
    Throughout the day, our guests have access to fantastic on-site facilities, in conjunction with a spacious meeting room and attentive front desk assistance. A flat-screen cable TV is provided in every room. Spacious and secured parking space.

    There are Executive rooms and Standard rooms to suit your need. Kindly contact us for details.
    Make your reservation today. It is easy and secure.

  • Training venue for hire/rent Open or Close


    BLH’s training halls in Lagos and Ogun state are available for rental.

    BLH conducts its own public training from their well-equipped and comfortable premises. The configuration is oriented towards workshops, instructor-led facilitation and public seminars; of the kind that is known with BLH.

    All of BLH’s training rooms are configured for conferencing and meeting venues.

    There are meeting rooms for more than two or three participants and there are meeting rooms for two to three participant.

    The rates are hourly rate.

    • We offer;
    • Hire of Training/Meeting/Workshop/conference venues on hourly rate
    • Training rooms which are centrally located in secure and quiet environment
    • Convenient and fully air-conditioned rooms for relaxation and lodging (Academic purpose).
    • Rooms for meetings or corporate events with data projectors, flipcharts and whiteboards
    • Training rooms available for hire to freelance trainers, individuals or businesses
    • Catering services are available
    • Indoor games
    • Competitive Rates and discounts

    Training room configurations

    The training rooms can be configured in a U-shaped, cinema-style, classroom or boardroom style as illustrated:



  • Indoor games Open or Close


    BLH provides recreational indoor games to unleash stress and unwind after days of work and hours in library. There are varieties of games such as Table-Tennis, Ayo, scrabble, Chess,Snooker, Dart, Ludo, Draught, Soccer Table, etc .

    Membership gives access to this facilities. They are also available for usage on request or for corporate competition.

  • Library services Open or Close

    BLH is one of the leading operators of private libraries in NIGERIA. The establishment of BLH is as a results of the desire to provide a cost-effective solution specifically tailored to the needs of the local community for improving levels of access to books and learning services. Thereby improving the level of literacy, self-discovery of talents and building the mind for greater exploit.

    “Our focus is provision of outstanding services at the best value”.

    There is provision for e-Book readers, downloadable books and seminar/training through our website.

    We are excited to be part of the booklovers community providing richer learning environment,highest quality of services and professional expertise for our members.

    LIBRARY OPERATING HOURS: The Library is opened for use all Days of the year including Public holiday and Festive period except if there is no movement of people.
    Monday to Saturday: Open Hour 7:30am to 7:30pm. Sunday 11:00am to 7:30pm

    We have a robust collection of books, CD’s and other materials including adult, young adult, and children’s books as well as DVDs, periodical subscriptions and electronic database resources.

    The Membership of the Batmod Library Hub (BLH) is opened to everyone that desires to learn and
    improve in service delivery.

    Registration form is available on our website and can be picked-up in our office as well
    Those who register with the Library have access to best-sellers that they might not be able to afford to buy, as well as having access to a robust collection of adult, children’s and audio-visual materials.

    As a company, we strive to provide customers with the richest collections possible, by purchasing a wide range of materials including reference databases, e-books, audio-visuals and best-sellers.

    There are also varieties of Indoor games for cooling the brain after reading and extracting points for so many hours in the Library.

    There are lodging rooms with Air-conditions and Flat Screen Television connected to DSTV and some with standing Fans for those that want to be separated from home-affairs and study for professional examinations.

  • Purchase/Rent books and materials Open or Close


    Kindly make all purchasing decisions for the materials in our library. Collections are tailored to each customer. You can buy or rent at the library office or make online order and we shall deliver to your home or office.

    We make book renting easy. The purpose is to achieve accessibility to books. Improving reading culture and developing the mind.

    Our library policies, such as number of books allowed to be checked out at a time is quite good. You can download and as well purchase at a very good rate.


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